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Building High Performance Teams

  • 20 Apr 2018
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Midlands Technical College NE 151 Powell Road Columbia, SC 29203
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  • Guest Pass for Midlands Technical College (Corporate and Continuing Education) Faculty/Staff.


  Chapter Learning Event

April 20, 2018   



Building High Performance Teams

Understanding the Head, the Heart,

and the Briefcase 


There are some truths about your business and every other business. People, like organizations, are designed to get results. Leaders and managers are the most influential components of organizational success, failure, performance, and culture.


However, what if we could predict the way people behave and how they will influence our business? What if we could use science to understand what drives people and how we can create the best fit for the great people in our teams? What if we could apply science to help us build high performing teams?

Join us as we learn how to apply and understand the science of human drives, needs, behaviors and ultimately tie them to team performance.


Participants will:


 *  Learn the science behind high performing teams

 *  Identify how to hire and develop the right talent

 *  Recognize how self-awareness impacts team performance

 *  Understand the predictive nature of a team based on

     knowing the person/people showing up

 *  Obtain a broad overview of behavioral modeling and high 

     performance teams     

                           When:    April 20, 2018
                      Where:   Midlands Technical College NE Campus
                                     151 Powell Road Columbia, SC
                      Time:      8:00 am - 10:00 am           
  About the Speaker 

Jonathan Brake is an experienced business leader, strategist, and coach with over two decades of experience in business ownership, leadership, and operations covering five continents. 

An Australian native, Jonathan understands communication like no other, from marketing to team communication to business leadership. He has a keen interest in how businesses and people function and interact, and how a business can build its communication inside and out. 

As a Certified Practitioner with The Predictive Index, he brings more than just the "soft skills" essentials, but also the sicience behind what makes people tick.   


For additional information, contact Jessica Cabrera,   President-Elect at president-elect@atdmidlands.org

      We look forward to seeing you. 



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