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Planning and Developing an E-Learning Course with Articulate

  • 04 May 2012
  • 11:00 AM
  • 01 Jun 2012
  • 1:00 PM
  • Midlands Technical College- Northeast Campus
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  • Lunch is not included. Bring your own lunch.
  • Unable to physically attend the meeting? We now offer online access. It is limited to the first 25. Online particpants will receive a separate email with link 2 days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Participants are expected to bring their own lunch. Refreshments will be provided.
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Presented By:  Brian Houle





Many of us have been thrust into the role of e-learning developer with little or no training, often while still performing other duties. Rapid e-learning development tools like Articulate help ease the burden, yet it's still easy to become overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of even the simplest e-learning development project. Often, you must work with subject-matter experts (SMEs) and other stakeholders who are familiar with neither e-learning nor instructional design principles in general, making it common for e-learning development projects to get lost in the woods pretty quickly. Managing your development project as efficiently as possible and as early as possible can save you a lot of time, sanity, and rework.

Intended for the novice e-learning developer, this informal workshop will focus on simple ways to organize your e-learning development process, using Articulate Suite 09 as a development tool. While we will discuss file management and "versioning" strategies once the development phase has begun, primary focus will be on the basics for scaffolding a project from beginning to end.

Obviously, we can't cover everything in the short time we have for this workshop, but my goal is to provide you a framework for working through the entire development process so that you can take it with you and flesh it out as needed.

The workshop will be broken into two separate sessions.
  • In session one, we'll look at tools and methods for conducting an e-learning development project in phases, and getting everyone involved in the project working towards the same articulated goal from day one. This session will be largely "offline" and involve paper-based planning. We'll touch on highlights of adult learning principles, also, to think about BAD e-learning design and how to avoid it when possible.

  • In session two, we'll turn to Articulate Suite 09. We'll look at methods for managing your project files and touch on various areas of course development with a focus on using the software as efficiently as possible according to e-learning development best practices. Time permitting, topics covered will include:

    • Structuring/managing your project files
    • Articulate Presenter/Powerpoint as a visual (vs textual) design application
    • The basic C.A.R.P. principle of graphic design to convey visual information
    • Using slide masters
    • Oops-free audio management
Experience with Articulate is helpful, but not required.



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